Scandinavian Invitation
Scandinavian Invitation
22–25 AUGUST 2019




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You love golf, like to party, and you also like goose bumps. We give you all of this, and a bit more.

The biggest golf competition in the Nordic countries, Scandinavian Invitation 22–25 August, will be an event over and above everything else. As the new owner of the event, European Tour has decided that the entire arrangement will be fashioned as a unique tribute to the Swedish golf miracle.

Last year’s competition at Hills in Gothenburg was a success that showed golf to be much more than just the exciting game. This summer we will be taking it to the next level during four magical days on the best golf course in Northern Europe.

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Scandinavian Invitation - Intro 2019

The competition in 2018 at Hills was a hit (in spite of picking the only weekend when it rained), with completely satisfied visitors, players and sponsors. The fact is it put a new definition on what a golf competition can be. We showed that when the game can be complemented with a magical environment and marvellous food, the overall experience becomes remarkable.

Scandinavian Invitation 2019 will be fantastic – on a global scale. We are aiming for Sweden’s only European Tour competition to be the best of the entire tour.

Scandinavian Invitation is now being arranged by European Tour with the players as the actual owners. This will benefit you in that the competition will have more space and a higher status in the calendar.

We can’t promise a single name yet. But we can promise a world-class event.


Scandinavian Invitation - Intro 2019

The Swedish golf miracle defies all logic. A small, oblong, cold and dark country high up in the northern hemisphere. Surely it can’t be one of the top golf nations in the world?

Swedish golf is fantastic, both as a popular sport and at international elite level. Every twentieth Swede plays golf. You can’t deny the statistics. The number of players per head, the number of golf courses, the number of clubs – and the number of international winners (all of 110 Swedish wins in the European Tour so far).

The European Tour has decided that this year’s Scandinavian Invitation will be held as a tribute to the Swedish golf miracle. To the players, the winners, the heroes – and all the others who have made it possible.

We don’t intend to reveal exactly how we are going to celebrate just now. But we promise that it will be seen both on and off the course.


Scandinavian Invitation - Intro 2019

The player Andrew Johnston was exuberant in his rating after the competition in 2018: "I love everything about Sweden, the fans, The Hills and the meatballs".

The Hills Golf & Sports Club is a modern classic in Swedish golf. The course was inaugurated in 2005 and attracted attention for its innovative course design. Since then Hills has attracted players from all over the world.

Irrespective of whether you play yourself or enjoy looking on, Hills is a nature experience of top rank, elegantly located in beautiful surroundings between the city and the sea.

Prior to the competition in 2018, Hills replaced the grass on all the greens and got top marks from the elite players. “The best greens we’ve played on all year", as Martin Kaymer summed it up after winning eleven competitions in the European Tour, including two majors.

Hills also has an advantage in its relationship with Gothenburg, the leading event city in Sweden. The close proximity of the course to the city centre is appreciated by the players, partners and public. Scandinavian Invitation will be reinforcing its cooperation in 2019 with the event city of Gothenburg, which involves significant advantages for both the public and the players. Excellent public transport directly to the course for spectators and a very short route to the official hotel for the players.

We want you to be able to experience the golf and all the rest of what is best is about the summer in Gothenburg – without hustle and bustle.


Scandinavian Invitation - Intro 2019

Golf is the biggest sport for adults in Sweden. It is also a social arena for meetings between good old friends and new interesting acquaintances, with plenty of time for discussions – about the big questions in life, but also about business opportunities and the future.

And when an attractive brand and an interested target group share a common arena and experience something important together – sparks can really fly.

With Scandinavian Invitation we are offering a platform for customer relations, staff welfare, brand reinforcing events and all the other opportunities to show what your brand is really about. An arena that you fill out, and where only your imagination sets the limits. Visibility and exposure are an integral part of the overall experience Scandinavian Invitation is covered by over 300 journalists every year.


Scandinavian Invitation - Intro 2019

At Scandinavian Invitation the food is on a par with the first-class golf. Our ambition is actually that the food should be so good that it is as attractive as the sport.

You will find fine dining here of the absolutely highest quality, perhaps best expressed in the Nordic Glass Box Experience that caused discriminating foodies to go into a spin over the ambitious level and culinary heights of the specially composed tasting menu. The fact that the entire restaurant was built in glass and overlooked the tenth tee was not considered to be a disadvantage.

But the culinary ecstasy can just as easily be experienced at a food truck by the seventh green. Which it was.

Our initiative for really good food is made easier in that Scandinavian Invitation is played in Gothenburg, with its access to excellent raw produce. Naturally with the freshest fish and shellfish in the lead. Basically all of our raw produce can be collected within a radius of 100 kilometres from the golf course. This guarantees both high quality and a minimum environmental impact.